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Can I cancel or change my order? To ship your order quickly, we process orders immediately and are unable to make any changes, modifications, or cancellations once an order has been placed. This includes changing the product, address, or payment method. If you need to make changes to your order, you will need to return your item(s) once you receive them and place a new order. Contact Us for assistance with your return! Why don't you have the same jersey I saw at the store? Most items carried in our stores are at one time available on our website. Unfortunately, as soon as items are sold out they automatically "fall off" our website. You can always Contact Us to check on the status of the style you are looking for. Wjersey if the jersey I want is out of stock? Our website is designed so tjersey once the last available jersey, or a particular style or size has been ordered, tjersey jersey or size is instantly removed from the site. Therefore, you are only shown inventory tjersey is available. You can always Contact Us to check on the availability of a particular style or size. Wjersey do I do if my order was delivered to the wrong address? Contact Us immediately and we will work with the carrier to correct the situation as quickly as possible.